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Spirit Speaks to the Hungry Soul

Michael McAdams

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Michael McAdams has felt a sense of destiny and purpose his entire life. A life long sincere seeker of truth, Michael has endeavored to reach out with an open mind to all sources available. Brought up in the Pentecostal church, Michael’s uncle was a fiery Pentecostal preacher by the name of John W. Sullivan. Although Michael has always felt more spiritual than religious, communication from the highest possible source has been his goal as he enables his mind to receive information and direction that allows him to help the greatest number of people. “When the student is ready a teacher will appear” has been very appropriate for Michael as his path has consistently brought him together with individuals, books, and sources of learning that have allowed continued growth and spiritual enlightenment. One of Michael’s preferred books in addition to the Bible is the Urantia Book.

An Angel Told Me So: Radio Spot - Coast to Coast AM

Below is an excerpt from Wilma Jean Jones’s book An Angel Told Me So. This is a personal message for Michael received by Wilma August 18, 1977. As Wilma would sit in dedicated sessions receiving messages and teachings she would normally receive a personal message for her and a personal message for Michael. Later as these messages and teachings became deeper and heavier Wilma would receive more general teachings not addressed specifically to her or Michael. The spirit teachers presenting this information repeatedly refer to themselves in first person. “We, our, and us” is used frequently throughout this material. “We feel, we believe, we advise.” ‘Our view encompasses more than your view is allowed to comprehend.” Who talks like this? This message was signed “Your Spirit Guides.”

August 18, 1977


You are sweet and your ability to show compassion at the time when it is needed is a credit to you. You will see a change in the people that you come into contact with. Your influence bears much weight. You have the ability to show other people the way when their eyes are blinded to the truth and life has led them astray. They are fortunate that they have been able to make contact with one such as you. Your ability to make yourself clear; your ability to get across a point that most people could not comprehend had they read the written word. Oh what a special gift you have.

You have been chosen to lead many on a righteous path that they would not have found their way if not for you. You see there are many who cannot accept what they have been taught. What has been revealed to you has been done so with a purpose. When you feel led to talk to someone know that this is a guiding of the spirit. Words will be given you to say to that particular person. You have done very well indeed. You have given food for thought to these who are hardened to the word and who find it hard to accept the truth as you have presented it. But rest assured that you have made your point clear.

You have done what was expected of you, You have done your job well. We are very proud of your progress and the fact that humility has become a large part of your being. This will enable you to now receive many of the gifts that you have longed for. Now you have opened a door. Your desire to truly help a soul in need has been recognized. This is truly a great show of humility. Love has been made a part of your life and now the fruits of your labor will bring forth many results that until now you did not know were possible.

Keep believing in the way that you have chosen to follow. You will not be disappointed. There are many rewards awaiting those who have the ability to follow their instincts and to know that there is a better life in store for those who will continue regardless of hindrances that may come their way. This is given to you. Doubt not. There will be many things unfolded that you will behold and understand the full meaning of such. This has been promised you many times before. We understand your circumstances therefore we will work with you diligently We give you our pledge that we will be ever present at your time of need and desire.

Know that we go with you. Know that we stand by your side. Know that ever when you call upon us we will be at your service. We are but few of the many who have been called to serve you. Many stand ready to help you when you need their services. Know that this is true. We watch over you constantly. We are ever aware of you. You are precious to us and therefore we await your call.

Your Spirit Guides

Excerpt from the book
An Angel Told Me So
by Wilma Jean Jones © 2001