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About Wilma Jean Jones

An Angel Told Me So

Wilma Jean Jones

Wilma Jean Jones | An Angel Told Me So

Wilma Jean Jones is a devout Christian and a daily reader of her Bible. Wilma feels she has been spoken to and advised throughout her life regarding spiritual matters. In 1977 Wilma was led to sit down and receive messages and teaching dictated directly from spirit teachers/angels in dedicated sessions. Little did she realize at the time these messages and teachings would continue to be received for twenty two years. Wilma had always been open to spiritual leadings and was prayerful in seeking protection and guidance from God as she received these writings. When Wilma was led to receive she would sit down at her typewriter, light a candle, and say a prayer asking for protection. As the words from spirit teachers/angels were given Wilma would actually “see” these words appear in her mind three and four at a time. Once these words were typed they would fade away and three or four more would appear. This is the manner in which these messages and teachings were received.

Working with her son Michael this collection of messages and teachings are recorded in three volumes of her book An Angel Told Me So.

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