"Emptiness is part of fulfillment. Let your "resources" fill the void left so that distinction of your purpose can be found. Expression is always self-explanatory. Therefore look inside and anchor all your beliefs "beside those still waters" that will take away your troubled view and renew your strength to recapture that which was lost but is now found to be adequate to pursue the course set before you, and as you reconcile your being to represent those qualities that have been left intact - God will see to it that although circumstances have been trying to say the least, your weariness will disappear as clouds once removed allow the sun to shine to dispel the gloom and darkness that has pervaded your countenance, and as once described before, a token of this presence will be 'deposited' to your account and books recorded in His name."

(Possible confirmation to record messages given in a book.
I had been praying about it.)


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Excerpt from her book
"Spirit Speaks: Answers for the Soul"
by Wilma Jean Jones © 2001

Message received by Wilma Jean Jones from Spirit
January 10, 1998