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To All Sincere Seekers,

My calling is to teach and to represent the publication of Wilma Jean Jones' book "Spirit Speaks: Answers for the Soul." This amazing collection of messages and teachings received over a period of twenty-two years contains a depth and quality of information unlike anything I have ever read before. Repeatedly, people who have read these messages have found a striking personal connection to the information being given that seemingly applies to what they are going through at this moment in time. Below is another excerpt from Wilma Jean Jones book "Spirit Speaks: Answers for the Soul."

Michael McAdams



Message received by Wilma Jean Jones from Spirit
August 9, 1998     Sunday

When you have been able to grasp truths as they have been revealed, you have advanced easily into new avenues of travel that will further give evidence that all who will concede and accept this concept that God's universal plan is available for appraisal and examination so that trials and temptations are not of the essence, but are in defiance of His love and devotion, and exploration of His nature and desire as derived from His teachings will result in the ability to obtain all that will supply every need as the soul approaches and seeks it's function.

God offers many options on a daily basis in His mercy to conduct as an ongoing repertoire as it were, to help the soul to realize its station. Options received must be evaluated on the basis of His Cause and His Call in order to be effective in obtaining the power of His Spirit who will bring all forces into submission that are in defiance to His will. God protects His "Call" if one will be conscious that life carries with it the responsibility to fulfill its mission. Courage comes on the heels of discouragement and strength when weakness overtakes. The soul is indestructible, but man has manipulated circumstances according to his own will and desires, failing to consider or be cognate that God Is reality and regardless of influences that pull and distract, our goals must be centered in Him and embrace His precepts, for all else avails nothing.


Excerpt from the book
"Spirit Speaks: Answers for the Soul"
by Wilma Jean Jones © 2001

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